Sterling Silver Skull Ring By JM Custom Skull Rings

Wax On

  With the recent completion of my bench, Ive been digging in to some wax work.  The bench is a great fit.  What your looking at on top of it are pieces in development that will be available on the site for customization like this (I know, doesn’t look like much yet),  some custom projects […]


A Better Bench

  Ive been busy designing and building a proper jewelers benchto accommodate my skull ring creations. I’m not much of a wood worker but I’m really happy with the way its turning out so far.. Bench top ready for drawers Drawers complete outside the studio getting a coat of stainNow were getting somewhere.  I have […]

Alchemist sterling silver skull ring

The Alchemist Skull Ring and Site Info

If you run into any broken links or incomplete pages the reason is this website is under construction. Check back soon or contact me via any of the social links or contact us page. View more photos of the Alchemist Skull Ring here My website is almost up and running and ready for me to […]