Ive been busy designing and building a proper jewelers benchto accommodate my skull ring creations. I’m not much of a wood worker but I’m really happy with the way its turning out so far..

Jm Custom Skull Ring Jewelers Bench DIY ProjectBench top ready for drawers Jm Custom Skull Ring Jewelers Bench DIY ProjectDrawers complete outside the studio getting a coat of stainJm Custom Skull Ring Jewelers Bench DIY ProjectNow were getting somewhere.  I have the catch drawer completed with only one more drawer under that to make.  The catch drawer does exactly that, catches (hopefully) all the wax I carve off and more importantly, sterling silver and metal shavings.   Its a little rough but I like my stuff that way.  Not a fan of  the shiny spanking new fresh off of the assembly line look.  And besides,  its a bench that will receive a ton of abuse and will gain character with every skull ring I create and make on it.  Speaking of skulls,  you may have noticed the lack of drawer pulls..

I have plans for those.  Custom skull drawer pulls. 

Drawer-pull-jm-custom-skull-ringsHere’s  a sketch of the basic idea..  I have about 4 different prototypes in wax I have been carving up… More on this later!

Jm Custom Skull Ring Jewelers Bench DIY ProjectIn the meantime wood screws will have to do.  I have new designs that will be coming out soon and the site is getting an overhaul and hopefully completed soon as well.  Stuffs happening… see you soon!