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 About JM Custom Skull RingsI create custom pieces of wearable art that are not only  vessels of expression, attitude, and personality, but also fit like they were made for the individual and are an extension of your imagination and personal image.

Each ring you order will start from a master mold of your specified style, or a solid piece of wax, and be customized and shaped to fit. It is at this time in the process that I am able to give each piece its personality and final touches while still in wax form.  Everything I make is Individually hand crafted entirely by me out of .925 sterling silver, utilizing the ancient art of lost wax casting, in my studio right here in the USA.

JM-polishing-ancient-hunter-skull-ring-jmcsrAll jewelry listed here on my site is customizable or can be purchased as pictured.   A customization can range from a couple letters to, depending on your budget, something almost non recognizable as a human skull, or if you have something entirely different in mind,  lets work together to bring your idea to life.

To get started on your custom skull ring visit – Custom Ordering Information

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