Skull Bullet


Skull Bullet – Handmade Sterling Silver Skull Pendant for Necklace – By JM Custom Skull Rings



Skull Face Bullet Pendant

A Handmade sterling silver skull pendant by JM Custom Skull Rings


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This crazy Kamikaze bullet pendant is ready to be loaded in the clip and fired! It’s as if he just stepped out of the armory. A sculpted skull rendition modeled after a 9MM bullet, this wild-eyed raging barbarian is made out of 0.925 quality sterling silver, weighing 12 grams without the chain. This handmade skull bullet pendant is handcrafted in wax and cast through the ancient art of lost wax casting, creating slightly varying jewelry pieces each time.

This slug measures 1 1/4″ tall and 3/8″ wide. He is just insane enough to have a hole right through the top of his head, which is useful for attaching the sterling silver chain. You can tell he’s a pistol just by looking at his mouth–stretched open in a wicked laugh, revealing his insidiously crooked teeth. The crevices in the nose cavity and indented chin create a look of age and antiquity in this sterling silver skull pendant. Solidly cast, this is uncivilized wearable art at its baddest, with the potential to be customized and uniquely created to your own specifications.
Please Note: Sterling Silver Chain is 24 inches long


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