Custom project on the bench of JM Custom Skull Rings

With the recent completion of my bench, Ive been digging in to some wax work.  The bench is a great fit.  What your looking at on top of it are pieces in development that will be available on the site for customization like this Wax on the knuck (I know, doesn’t look like much yet),  some custom projects at various stages,Handmade By JM Custom Skull Rings

Liberty Skull Ring By JM Custom Skull Ringsand a polished sterling silver beauty.Sterling Silver Skull Ring By JM Custom Skull Rings  There is also some chunks of wax that are not notable at all.Custom Project by JMCSR

  This is an evolved version of my first skull ring designFace on JMCSR

JMCSR Custom Skull RingThis ring will be available for order and is a great base design for customizing.   The beauty of  making it by hand is that its always original and is able to be custom made to reflect the creativity and inspirations of the client.Check back sometime.  I will be posting updates on some chunks of wax as they get closer to completion, those damn drawer pulls,  and other skull related madness…