Raw  This is the real deal.  Heavily patina'd recesses enhance every single detail of the lightly polished surface allowing for a realistic bone like finish. 

Polished. A classic sterling silver finish with a mirror like surface that reflects the world around you while the darker recesses enhance the details.  Expect the shinny silver to attract attention when it catches the light. 

Blackened A dark and heavy finish that highlights the form and detailed shape of the surface while maintaining a simple yet aphotic elegance.



Regarding the wear and tear of JM Custom Skull Rings  jewelry. All pieces will change and develop their own personality over time. Especially along the high points of the surface .   Blackened rings will become lighter and eventually silver at the high points.  Raw finishes will  become shinny in areas that rub other jewelry and or make contact.  And polished pieces tend to dull and show scratches and dings over time.  This is a good thing!  Because each piece will wear differently, your custom handmade JM Custom Skull Rings jewelry will become an even more one of a kind piece of wearable art.